Thursday, June 9, 2016

Woods comments section 2

Comments Section 2 Need to include. The Pecos Water Users Organization is a well-established organization with some root going back as far as the 1880’s. This organization worked to produce the 2002 regional water plan. While other organization in the state disbanded this organization saw the value of having a non-legal, non-binding forum for communication and free exchange of ideas, needs and assistance. They continued to meet at least annually but more often quarterly until the current planning process started. Because of the difference in approach this time around there were conflicts and disagreements. Outreach plan includes: 1. News releases to local mas media 2. E-mail mailing list 3. Facebook page 4. E-blog news letter Instead of holding public meeting to review the completed plan as was done in the 2002 plan it has been proposed that NMSU would host or other host a web meeting which each of the County Extension Offices could arrange for public participation as well as other governmental agencies such as city, county, and federal. This will be done once the final draft is completed. This would save on travel expense and it would be recorded for others to review at their own scheduling.

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