Friday, June 10, 2016

Approved in todays meeting.

STATE OF NEW MEXICO PECOS VALLEY WATER USERS ORGANIZATION RESOLUTION 2016-1 RE: Lower Pecos Water Planning Process Where AS: The Pecos Valley Water Users Organization has been an active participant in regional water planning since before 1998, and has historic roots back to the 1880’s and, Where As: It is our understanding that the Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) and the Office of the State Engineer (OSE) saw the need to update regional water plans from 2001 and, Where AS: The ISC and OSE had limited funds appropriated from the New Mexico State Legislature to accomplish such an update and, Where AS: The ISC and OSE contracted for technical information to be compiled, analyzed, and published. The time line for completion of the project and review of the draft was insufficient for such a large undertaking and, Where AS: This technical information was not submitted for review by the regional water planning steering committee or for direction or assistance or for public review and comments until the draft was completed and, Where AS: There are numerous and obvious error on the economy of many of the counties which are within the region. There are errors concerning Agriculture, in that Agriculture is not treated as a base industry, as the U. S. Department of Home Land Security has designated. The economic impact of agriculture is not addressed as other base line industries are in the technical portion of the propose revision of the regional water plan. The livestock water use section is completely and totally inaccurate and insufficient and, Where AS: Agriculture is the majority water right holder in the region, and the misrepresentation in the technical portion is so grievous as to cause economic harm to rural communities and counties. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT WE, the member of the Pecos Valley Water Users Organization do respectfully request that the technical section be reviewed and corrected by an Agriculture Economist and /or rural Development Specialist who knows the economy of rural New Mexico such as the Agriculture Economic Department of the New Mexico State University in cooperation with the Range Improvement Task Force, The Natural Resource Conservation Service and Farm Service Agencies and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That this review will be accomplished with the members of the Pecos Valley Water Users Organization in full public transparency. APPROVED AND ADOPTED this 10 day of June, 2016 _______________________________________ Woods E. Houghton, Chairman, Representing all of those who were in attendance at the 10 June 2016 meeting of the Pecos Valley Water Users Organization, roll call vote on record. STATE OF NEW MEXICO ) ) ss. County of Eddy ) The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ______ day of __________, 20 ___ by _______________________ of the ___________________________________________________. ______________________________ Notary Public My commission expires ____________, 20 ____.

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