Monday, September 19, 2016

NMSU water survey.

Below is a question are you can copy and paste to email listed below. Call me if you have questions. Questions regarding NMSU and New Mexico Water Issues New Mexico State University (NMSU) conducts research and Extension/outreach programs to provide unbiased, science-based information to all people of New Mexico. NMSU does not have legislative, regulatory, or enforcement responsibilities. Please answer the following questions, keeping in mind NMSU’s role. 1. What are your top two water issues/most important water concerns for New Mexico? 2. What NMSU water-related programs are you familiar with? 3. What NMSU water-related programs do you use? 4. What do you consider to be the top NMSU-related water research, Extension, or outreach needs? 5. Any other comments? I am/represent (please check one of the following boxes): □ rancher/farmer or other private landowner □ county, state, or federal agency □ non-agricultural industry □ university □ other Please return form to facilitator. You may send additional comments to:

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