Monday, August 15, 2016

Tinny Fish behind Rio Grande Water Plan

Woods Note: I have not herd when we need to meet to select a presentation team to the ISC. Tiny fish behind Rio Grande water plan Albuquerque Journal By Ollie Reed Jr. / Journal Staff Writer …It is not unusual for the Rio Grande to run dry. The river dries up along some stretches almost every year, 2008 being a recent exception. About 30 miles of the river dried out last year and more may dry out this year before the irrigation season winds up at the end of October. “In almost every year going back to 1895, there was a major river drying,” Gensler said. “There has been far less drying since 1996 than there was before then. Every year since 1996, there has been something done by water managers to prevent drying.” That’s because the Rio Grande silvery minnow was declared an endangered species in 1994. Gensler said nothing needed to be done in 1995, which was an exceptionally wet year, but efforts to protect the minnow kicked in the following year. More here

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