Friday, April 15, 2016

Hello Lower Pecos Regional Water Planners,

Below is an e-mail for Leila. If you did not get that e-mail and/or need the attachments you can e-mail me Woods Houghton at Hello Lower Pecos Regional Water Planners, Please find attached the notes from our meeting last week. The process will be wrapping up by June 30th, so please submit your comments on the draft plan and on the planning process in general. I have attached an Excel spreadsheet you can use for comments, or two different PDF templates, any format you want to use is fine. We are asking for comments no later than May 12th so that the steering committee has a chance to review the comments. If you don’t have the plan from the emails ISC sent out in January, you can find it here: The steering committee will be meeting May 13th to review comments. ISC will hold a final meeting on May 20th to discuss Sections 2 and 8 and go over the final steps for completion. Let me know if you need any information forwarded on to you. Thank you for everything you do for your region.

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